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Memory will hide in the shadows, refusing to record the name of the owner to any who meet him. He shall be known by the cowl and only by the cowl.

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During the final Thieves Guild quest, the identity of the original thief becomes apparent: it was a thief named "Emer Dareloth" , who went on to befriend Jakben, Earl of Imbel and owned a large house in the Waterfront District of the Imperial City. If you talk to The Gray Fox after finding this note, he tells you that it is all true and that not even his family knows who he is anymore. He tells you that he even just told you his real name twice, but your muddled memory won't remember. He has, however, found a way to break the curse. Completing his quests will restore the unmasked identity of The Gray Fox.

This will be easier if you're dead! You're under arrest for… for… for all kinds of stuff! You're wanted dead or alive. I'm choosing dead. The Gray Fox! It's an honor. You're the most famous thief in the world! Please don't hurt me! It is possible to steal the Gray Cowl from the Gray Fox, provided that you have advanced through the Thieves Guild questline to the stage where you have met the Gray Fox.

If you pay off your bounty to a Doyen , the bounty will go away until the next time you take off the cowl. However, since the Gray Fox's bounty is always so high, you can take inconvenience in lieu of gold down the drain with this exploit:. If you talk to a guard however, he will run through his default "Gray Fox arrest" dialogue even though the bounty will be at 0 , and you will have broken the exploit. You will also break the exploit if you ever take the cowl off.

Another way to accomplish clearing your bounty is to install the Shivering Isles expansion pack. Enter the Isles without wearing the cowl, and put the cowl on once inside. Because the game is unable to modify your Cyrodiil bounty while you are in the Isles, exiting them with the cowl equipped will result in the Gray Fox having the same bounty as your character did when entering Shivering Isles. This bug also works in reverse; if you wear the cowl while entering the Shivering Isles and exit with it unequipped, your 'normal' character will have the same bounty as the Gray Fox note that the game is also unable to adjust your Fame and Infamy while in the Shivering Isles, so wearing the cowl in and coming out without the cowl will leave you with the Gray Fox's Infamy and Fame.

You will unlock 1 of the "Collateral" mask in your inventory. It can't drop during a payday and it can't be sold. Instead, it can be returned to your mask stash for free, but any pattern, color or material as well as the customization fee to put these together will be lost. It started like any other night.

Only this night, he got a contract to kill another contract killer who was making rounds that day. John knew he had five stops to make and was using the same taxi cab between all of them. The Collateral glasses are a reference to the film of the same name , the mask resembling the glasses worn by Max Durocher throughout the movie, and the description referencing Vincent's mode of transportation to his hits. The skull is Death, Sangres' faithful companion throughout his career.

The gold tooth is the coin that has been paid. The kill counter represents his past as a hitman, the blood-red ruby the new wealth he's seeking in the US. Sangres' name spreaks of the many bloody episodes in his life, and that red blood is also present on his mask.

This is a clean version of the iconic Sangres mask, before it was painted. Duke is a man of culture, virtue and stone-hard composure. Thus his mask has been modeled of of the sic great historical statues as a reflection of his personality. The mask is a window into the mind and heart of this determined agent of sophisticated crime, elegant and unbreakable in the face of any heist. A big draw for Duke is his love for mystery- you never really know what's inside the safe until you open it, or behind the painting until you take it out of the frame.

And with the Payday gang, the biggest mystery may be just around the corner This is a clean version of the iconic Duke mask, before it was painted. Duke 's mask is based on the statue of David by Michelangelo , only wider and altered into a mild scowl. You will unlock 1 of the "Joy" mask in your inventory, but will have to get "Joy Begins" from a Card Drop.

The "Joy" mask can't drop during a payday and they can't be sold. Bring back disco in style and confuse the hell out of your enemies when they gaze into your fabulously flashy face. Flair and flash always have to start somewhere. Sometimes it's a thumping white basline, sic pristine and cold, ready for action. In ancient Japan, samurai warriors wore somen masks to protect themselves in war and to incite fear in their enemies. Somen masks were tied to the large kabuto helmets, making the samurai look like demons from jigoku.

No one knows what fierce and ruthless warrior wore this intimidating mask in the past. Now however, it is ready for battle once more. You can unlock this mask by completing the Hoxton Breakout heist. The Hoxton Reborn mask is a mask that Hoxton made while in prison. For him, it's a symbol of everything he experienced in the past years while the PAYDAY gang kept on going without him. No one knows how his experiences in prison has changed him, and he won't talk about it when asked.

All we can assume is that he has been changed forever, and that he is reborn into Something different. It can't drop during a payday and can't be sold. It can be returned to your mask stash for free, but any pattern, color or material as well as the customization fee to put these together will be lost. When you rat out the Payday gang, you need to expect some form of retribution. And the gang aren't big on wagging fingers and a stern telling off. You can expect bullets, and plenty of them.

This hard hat is cold school riot cop tech - heavy iron, fronted with reinforced glass.

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Good luck getting through it. Genetic mutation is the key to our evolution. Assuming that our evolution is of the green, scaly, homicidal and irradiated kind. This mask is an achievement reward. You will unlock 1 of the "StarVR" mask in your inventory. Real life is dirty, uncomfortable, sticky, sweaty, stinky, it tastes bad and leaves you old and broken.

Screw that. The StarVR Headset lets you immerse yourself in a virtual world of incredible realism. Mask unlocked by default. Death can be the end but it can also be a beginning, a transcendence and catharsis. And Mega Death has a million times the power of Death. And somewhere in that history, the place of a heister is assured. Contained herein is their essence, so magnificent in combination that the very surface of the mask can barely contain it. These masks are unlocked by beating every mission on their respective difficulty or a harder difficulty with the exception of Safe House Raid.

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They can't drop during a payday and they can't be sold. Instead, they can be returned to your mask stash for free, but any pattern, color or material as well as the customization fee to put these together will be lost. A strange thing, the human skull.

Humans can often recognize a human skull, even if it's only partially shown. The human brain even has a specific region for it. You finished all heists on the Hard difficulty? What are you, some kind of pro? Maybe this mask will suit you after all. Not that this skull looks that human anymore. There's something strange with this skull though. You finished all heists on the Very Hard difficulty? What are you, some kind of monster? Holy Shit - what is this new devilry? This doesn't look like a human skull however. What are you, some kind of pit fiend?

Humans can often recognize a human skull, even if only partially shown. This isn't a human skull however, this is something completely different. You finished all heists on the Death Wish difficulty? What are you, some kind of demon? The Mayhem Skull is unlocked by beating every mission on the Mayhem difficulty or a harder difficulty, and the Death Sentence Skull is unlocked by beating every mission on the Death Sentence difficulty, both discluding Safe House Raid. Your full potential is close. Embrace the change. This doesn't look like a human skull however, but you don't have to worry about it.

You finished all heists on Mayhem difficulty? What are you, some kind of beast? The Humans can often recognize a human skull, even if it's only partially shown.

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This is definitely not a human skull anymore. This is what happens when you summon your demonic powers to get good. You did it. You are among a certain few who stuck with it and actually finished the hardest difficulty we could think of. You fought, you suffered and you persevered. You have our eternal respect, you ruler of demons.

It can't drop drop during a payday and they can't be sold. It's both simple and beautiful. The human brain even has a special region for it. You finished all heists on the Normal difficulty? What are you, some kind of gangster? So arrives the Harbinger! The brain even has a special region for it. This is definitely not a human skull, it belongs to a demon of carnage. Look ye into the sky, as fire rains down from the heavens, followed by molten gold, to cover the land in a glittering metal blanket of awesome to illuminate your greatness as a heister.

With every bar that is raised, you step up to the challenge, and have so done yet again. Construction of a throne is underway here at the OVERKILL office, so that we may bow to and worship your utterly divine skills at not getting beaten by anything we throw at you.

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The Mega Rust mask is an evolved version of the original mask. It symbolises transcendence and catharsis. These masks are acquired by reaching certain waves in Holdout missions. They can't drop during a payday and can't be sold. If only this magnificent seeing glass contained a monolens, but alas it will only help you look classically stylish while typing the correct key combo on a vault. There is something for the distinguished heister in everyone.

This vintage hat, made by famous hatters in New York, is sure to distract the gaze of any law enforcement officer. In the woods of Okinawa, legends say there lives a spirit of a fox with a head of flame. Being seen by this fox is said to be a blessing, but being seen by a heister wearing this mask, is probably not! Ultimate old-school evil. Whether combined with a tail coat or body armor, this set will tell all that you mean business, in the most criminal sense. Wax on, wax off. Twirl it to your heart's content as you disappear into the foggy night with your bounty and laugh.

When wearing this mask, you can always pretend that the grenades you're lobbing at the cops are barrels. They won't appreciate it, but it might break up the monotony of blowing things up! Oh, how you can ponder, all rich and sweary, over a quaint and not-forgotten pile of cash. Quote, The Heister.

If a heister walks down the street wearing this mask, the world knows he's not afraid of anything, nine lives be damned! Some Voodoo priests claim to know the secret of eternal life. There's no guarantee that wearing this mask will grant it, but it'll likely scare the crap out of your enemies. And it might get you invited to a Jamaican barbeque. Satanic worshippers from a video game in the s called and want their low-poly goat back. Are you gonna give it, or just stick it to 'em? Robot Overlords from the Future rejoice!

For thy leader has come, and is the bearer of many positively charged particles. Skulltooth the Terrible, ye most mystical of Pirate Kings, will shiver the timbers of any law enforcement officers present. Rumor has it that this helmet was found in an abandoned Russian nuclear facility and that its wearer will gain super powers over time. But it's just a rumor. With this helmet, make the cops think they are being assaulted by the God of All 80s Metal Bands!

Bark like an Egyptian god and stand guard for eternity as you watch over and protect your piles of loot. Any child of the s would kill for this mask.

A Masque of Infamy

Show everyone who really rules the neon highways. Devils and demons alike will tremble in awe as they behold the glory of any heister that chooses to don this mask. Make both cops and civillians sic think they are in a s horror movie as you unleash the sheer terror of this mask. See the torturously happy grin, the rotting golden teeth, and the deeply mesmerizing glare of this ultimate tribute to the Tragic Clown.


Prom queens ain't got nothin' on the heister who wears this shiny piece of forehead decor. Rumor has it that the gemstones all came from a Perseid meteorite that fell to Earth in the s. The description of the Arcade Simian mask references the arcade game Donkey Kong. Jamaican Nightmare is the first mask released to have physics effects, after the cut Voodoo mask, which the Jamaican Nightmare seems to be an evolution of. Chains never took the search for the Secret too seriously, often calling it a bunch of "weird mumbo jumbo".

As a practical man, with real-world sensibilities, he has however remained steadfast and loyal, trusting in his relationship with Bain. Dallas sometimes felt Bain held out on him regarding certain details of the Secret. The Payday gang is a family, and trust isn't always bullet-proof, but Dallas has come to understand Bain's need for secrecy now, at the end. And his wisdom let them both get what they each wanted. Hoxton left the Old Country to get his Payday in the new. When Bain first told him about the Secret, he fancied the idea of going after ancient items for their potential value, never really caring whether or not the legendary power Bain talked about was real or not.

Wolf has always been a violent and unpredictable ally, so initially Bain was unsure about how much about the hunt for the Secret he should tell him. Eventually, his worth became clear, but when Bain eventually revealed his quest, Wolf went crazy over it. Not only would he reap the golden benefits, he also loves a good conspiracy. Viciousness, denial of death, and gold- all aspects of how the ancient Egyptians prospered and conquered, in defiance of all. So it is somehow fitting that Wolf should don a mask honoring that ancient culture. As a leader, he has had to sacrifice much throughout his career.

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Jobs, team members, personal goals- whatever it takes to get the job done. As Mesoamerican cultures sacrificed to the gods to appease them, so has Dallas sacrificed to the gods of heisting- the contractors. Where did they come from, the ones who gifted mankind with the greatest gift, the ones whose civilization may lie beneath the surface of earth and water? Whoever they were, most traces of their existence has been wiped away by the passage of time. Hoxton, the traveler in search of a new future, may not know the truth, but he bears their mask nonetheless in honor of the origin of the Secret.

The Sumerians began an age of wisdom, music, spiritual strength and had the imagination to dream up ideas of how the world began. On the surface, Chains may be a professional weapons-master, but inside, he is larger than life itself, and thus honors the culture which this mask represents. These are rewards from the Infamy grid. They can't drop during a payday and it can't be sold. For the truly detached and impassive, we provide the Android mask. Lightweight alloys, chromium finish and really cool LED lights means this mask is ready for the bank job or the dancefloor.

Alas, it does not make you fluent in six million languages. The weapons may change, the ideologies may shift and the accents may swap, but the balaclava has been a mainstay for the armed robber and terrorist for decades. Covering all but your steely, flint-like eyes and your cruel, twisted mouth, it keeps you warm when it's chilly too. A warrior spirit doesn't appear naturally. It isn't something you are born with. Like steel, it is forged in fire. It is beaten in the furnace of battle - tempered, polished and sharpened. This mask celebrates the birth of this warrior spirit - the furnace-born steel given wings.

This mask was originally designed to be part of a complete head-to-toe heisting outfit. However, field testing revealed that the gaudy spandex suit offered no protection against bullets, knives or grenades. The mask, however, was found to be lightweight, durable and stylish.

It's heistin' time!