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According to Petcarerx, Australian Cattle Dogs, in general, have a very high prey drive, so they should also be socialized to other pets at a young age in order to prevent attacks later in life. Owning an Australian Cattle Dog is not an easy thing.

Breed Characteristics

You must be dedicated to see that your dog have sufficient ways to expend his considerable energy throughout his life. If your intelligent dog doesnot have things to do to exhaust his energy, he will create things to do.

Australian Cattle Dog - Free Online Seminars and Free Training Course on Australian Cattle Dogs

You must regularly train him with energetic games such as fetch, agility training, flyball and obedience competitions. This will make sure that your pet will be less likely to develop destructive or aggressive-seeming behaviors. Your Australian Cattle Dog is highly intelligent and can learn obedience commands quickly. You can use verbal and hand commands to control your dog.

Blue Heeler Personality and Disposition

Being an intelligent breed, he is able to learn very quickly. You can not just pile up mountains of commands to your dog and expect him to remember all of them. Despite being intelligent breed, he also needs to learn slowly and gradually to be perfect at the commands. So, go very slow when teaching him commands.

Blue Heeler - A Complete Guide To The Australian Cattle Dog

The American Cattle Dog is a very loyal and obedient breed. He loves his owner very much and can do anything for him.

Australian Cattle Dog Nips at ankles or head butts ?

Punishing him will make him loose his trust and love for you. The American Cattle Dog is a very obedient and loyal breed.

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And training him will be very fun if the training is done correctly and in a daily basis. It is very important to act as a trusty companion for your dog in order to make a reliable member of the family. Skip to content.

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Related posts. Then, their distinctive markings begin to appear. Their short thick double coat can be blue or red, mottled or speckled pattern, with or without black, and with blue or tan markings. Weekly brushing will help to keep his coat in good condition.

How to Train Your Australian Cattle Dog to Herd

Though short-haired during the spring season, the ACD will shed or blow his undercoat. His body is muscular and compact with pricked ears and a long low straight bushy tail. As an owner of an Australian Cattle Dog, you should be more determined than your dog is and have a specific job for him to do.

A bored ACD will find something to do on his own and that self-chosen duty may not be something you wanted him to do. Though ACDs are highly trainable, you need to be very positive in your training methods and not use forceful techniques. Using techniques of choke chains and leash corrections can result in stubborn and difficult dogs, according to some. This needs to be done at an early age.