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Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Avon is the brand that is loved and recognized by millions. What motivates you and e. What interested you in learning more about Avon? Be a part of the Avon Community. See their Beautiful Stories at: Q avon. This kit includes everything in the Basic Starter Kit described above with even more tools to help you engage potential Customers. There's also a wide assortment of some of our best—selling full—size products and samples for you to demo and sell.

Boost your business from the start with these additional products. Check yourAVON. AVON 5 6. Based on your account and credit limit, you may be required to pay an additional deposit. I g, :,. Wear the latest fashion, jewelry and fragrance. Know your products. YES, I made that choice the company did not make me do that. I think a lot of what is being said is of personal choice.

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I understand where your coming from, I really do but everything good and bad needs to be disclosed. This is about choices and some are encouraged to make poor choices and some good. Sadly, Mary Kay is far more bad than it is good. This company has been flying under the radar far too long. Thank goodness for the internet so we at Pink Truth can educate consumers before they sign up for this money loser! Mary Kay is a network marketing company, meaning we are each responsible for our own successes or failures.

As with anything else in this world, you are going to have a few abusers of the system. You certainly have the right to your opinion and you have obviously not been happy with your experience. I am sorry that happened to you but taking your experience, generalizing it, and then using that to misrepresent what I do is insulting.

I am educated, knowledgeable about my product as well as the industry, and my customers find value in my services. I am also very proud of my team. You can twist my words as you have above and put a negative spin on this if you want, but I urge you to allow another point of view to stand. A person cannot make an educated opinion of her own without understanding both sides of the story.

Karin, you may be insulted by my words, but I am insulted that you would recruit women into this scam. Pink Truth is not based upon my own experience. There are thousands of stories on the site about the pyramid scheme that is Mary Kay. What else is illusion? MK is not all it seems. I urge you to dare to see beyond the fluffy kumbaya. Do some research. All is not what it seems.

But as the yrs passed I realized I lost more than I gained. As a Director your expenses are higher, so you really have to recruit weekly and front load like crazy if you want to make any kind of money, and in no way is it an executive income. So many were losing money, over charging on their cards to make production or win cheap prizes and attention is sad and pathetic and it needs to stop.

My Cadillac winning director also realized how brainwashed we were and how little MK Corp cares about sales to the end consumer, only selling inventory packages to new consultants, which is where units makes their real money! Do your research and make the choice that is right for you and your family! The name of the production game is new recruits and star orders. No matter how long you are in, if you care about the debt building for your people, you wont be able to pull orders. Customers cancel appointments and do not reschedle, so recruting is all anyone cares about.

To recruit, you have to lie about conditions and your own personal success rate. It is sick. That is the insiders view of the Mary Kay opportunity. MaryKay is like any other company that you might own!! You might have to put lots of money forward to get it started!! And the only way your going to make the money back is by working hard, selling, marketing and recruiting …. I was looking into starting my own business and i realized how much i was going to have to put into it, rent for a building, products, employees…. If your going to gang up on marykay then why not gang up on every other self employed company….

I have done well, very well.

My mom never sold shiznit and tried with her socializing skills to do so. We had a house full of mary kay crap that she ended up giving away or disposing. What a total joke. Being self employed with your own business is not the same as being a tool within an MLM system. Anything more than that and it is a pure outright scam. MK should be -giving you- inexpensive sales and demonstration kits. Mary Kay is a business that works. It teaches women about running a business and the many things that go into that. It offers women the opportunity to try a dream and dream big — then wake up and do the work necessary to make the dream come true.

Women learn about themselves while doing this. You run out of family fast and learn which friends are committed to you. Women have to decide whether they are willing to take the next step, then the next one. Sometimes you just want to try something new. Or be with new, positive people. Sometimes you want to believe in something. Or believe in yourself. Enter Mary Kay. It can work.

It can change lives — positively. Try that on your own; start a business without a mother company. It is possible that I may never drive a pink Cadillac, but the company has an awesome set up and great opportunities as well as philosophies and beliefs for success. Blessings to the other pink women out there willing to strive for something more, something different, something bigger. Good luck to all you negative sourpusses out there, too. May something come along to brighten your spirits and end your distribution of doom and gloom.

The number of women actually making money in Mary Kay is pathetically low. Until recently, I myself was a MK Consultant for about four years. What I learned about being involved in Mary Kay is that the story told to new consultants by our directors is both fact and fiction. For example:. Fact — you can make money with Mary Kay. After all, what are NSDs really?

Motivational speakers that sure in the heck are not toting around a demo kit to make their money. They simply sell you stuff at career conference and other events telling you how you could sell MK stuff to supposedly make your money. The car is not free. But hey ladies, look on the bright side. If you have leftover MK products, give them away as gifts for every holiday, birthday, etc. Fact — Mary Kay is about selling women their dreams and showing them new opportunities. This is true. Mary Kay can allow any number of women to buy their own dreams at a cost of a few thousand dollars per year and to have unparalleled equal opportunity access to becoming a hustler and scamming other women out of their hard earned money through recruitment thereby perpetuating a deceit about how to be successful in business.

Fiction — Mary Kay builds self esteem and teaches women how to run a business. The truth is, MK teaches people a system that almost entirely benefits the corporate headquarters. For any MK consultant, director, etc. Anyway, of course everything is all in how you look at it. Perspective changes everything. Say what you want about it. Women will make of this business what they want. This Pink Truth bitterness sounds awfully like someone who failed at something where everyone has the same chance to succeed.

Imagine the rent of a store front. Not force things. And guess what? If you do things the way Mary Kay intended them, then you can be successful. NO WAY! You have to earn them just like any other company. Get realistic. Estee Lauder, which owns 13 brands within itself, including Clinique, bobbi brown, etc. You think Mary Kay is just lipstick? That sounds like more than Lipstick to me.

Maybe before you write such biased things about a company, you should do your research instead of just being bitter about having failed at something quite easy. It is set up for women to fail. Even while I was in MK I knew that. Its lies like this that is catching up to MK Corporate. Their sales are low and so is recruiting and many directors are wising up to the scam quitting and in debt. I think the ones that defend MK the most are either new like less than 5yrs or have a lot to lose like their team and trying to stop us from telling the truth.

I just want to help others not make the same mistakes I did. Have you sold all of that product? If you actually did, how long did it take? Through retail sales similar to other cosmetics corporations, i. However, more poignantly, I think this site is about warning woman of the pitfalls they will likely experience as a MK consultant before they make a costly mistake that they could end up paying off a long time after their Mary Kay consultancy tenure ends.

To tell you the truth, MK teaches some very important principles, but most especially, what not to do when you run your direct sells company or any business for that matter. This is only a reality check. You judge your friends by their willingness to buy crap from you or get scammed with you? No wonder you like MLM. I just had someone I know tell me at the ballfields that they were now selling mary Kay. For me, it started out great except when I had to lie to my husband about what I bought it made me feel good about myself that my director was paying attention to me and gave me all kinds of compliments.

To be honest, she caught me at a low point in my life and I thought it would make me grow as a person and financially. My husband got a little bugged by the whole thing but continued to let me make my decisions. Next, I had a customer mail back an eye cream with a nasty letter about her eye completely swollen and burning for 3 days! This was an experience to forget. I did find some things linking it to breast cancer which, darn it, I will print out for the gal that is getting into this. Her mom died of cancer!!!!

Keep up the site, this is informative and I hope many, many women come to their senses! Thanks for sharing this information. I was actually thinking about signing on to be a consultant. You have helped me think twice about it. Wow, what a bunch of sour grapes. Tracey really has a bone to pick to spend so much time on a ridiculous and uninformed hate campaign. What a waste of time! That is a complete loss to them when they destroy the products. I have plenty of consultants coming back who are in their 2nd or 3rd time, because of situations going on in their life.

After all the years I have given to Mary Kay, I have always said I would stay with it, even if I had not accomplished all that I have, stritcly for the personal growth, and caring, loving supportive women. Inventory return instructions here. I sent all my stuff back this past March and it was the best decision. I now have a job with benefits and if I need training, the COMPANY will pay for it, unlike MK which requires you pay for everything yourself: travel, hotel, meals and the tax write-off is not enough to make it worth it. Tracy has helped women get informed about this company and Pink Truth has women who were Top Directors in MK, including a NIQ share their true experiences to help others not make the same mistakes.

My Caddy earning Director also quit and came to her senses and now makes more than she made in Mary Kay in a real job with benefits, paid vacation and training…. Visit Pink Truth and find out the real deal like I did. I read all I could for a month to make the educated decision to leave. I am a MK consultant, and I have been for almost 6 years. I am appalled at the negative comments I am reading about a company I respect. No-one pressured me into becoming a consultant. I was not pressured into purchasing huge amounts of inventory. In fact, in the beginning, I was only going to be in MK for personal use.

I have pressured no-one into joining me.

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I have had several women question me about the company, and I have been blessed with several wonderful women as recruits. I have not gone into debt to do MK, nor do I intend to. I keep a separate MK account, and I have been trained via a wonderful adopted director to handle my business finances and run my business appropriately.

I have no credit card debt, and I am able to add a nice addition to the principle of my mortgage payment each month. I know that a company car at any company means you are a producer, a mover, a shaker. Being a MK car driver is work…a lot of work. I am thinking it is not our bubble that is the problem. It seems to me that there are a number of women commenting here who have had need of more money, heard the MK facts, and then plunged in without giving the reality of running a business enough thought or plan because they were hoping for an easy fix to some deparate situation in their life.

If you have had a bad experience with MK, it is unfortunate. However, no-one put a gun to your head to sign-up, purchase inventory, or choose a level of activity that did not produce the results of which you were obviously dreaming when you signed your agreement. Instead of spending time here, set a goal for your own success, and then go out and find the means to achieve that goal. In the meantime, we MK consultants who a satisfied with the choice we have made will be around. Remember to wear sunscreen. I hate it when people try soo hard to denounce a product or business that is not illegal or dangerous.

The company is making lots of money,what is wrong with that? Nobody forces anyone to buy anything. You should should start an investment with what you can afford. Please channel your efforts to the real things that are destroying the lives of women. The destruction of women and their finances by Mary Kay is very real and documented by thousands.

I will continue to fight against the big pink cult as long as it takes so we can spare as many women and their families as possible. I quit MK due to the manipulative practices of my upline, sales directors and national sales directors. PT provides honest advice and lets you know the pitfalls.

Blame the greedy sales director who mislead people. Before you atempt ANY business venture,you should put all factors into consideration. Please ladies. It sad to say, but fear gets a lot of women into bad financial situations. They are afraid of disappointing someone. They are afraid to go out and stake their own claim in life. Coenen, I am sorry to tell you this, but you are promoting that very fear in women.

You make them afraid to take a chance at anything, MK or anything else that might improve their situation.

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Women like you keep other women in dead-end jobs, in dead-end relationships, even in debt…I notice you manage to sell a few items of your own on your website. I am with Fidelia. If you are thinking of beginning a home based business, be it MK or some other, you need to ask questions.

And you need to be aware of the financial risk you are willing to take. No-one can make these decisions for you…not Ms. Coenen, not an upline. And you need to remember that nothing happens without effort, and that is true for any profession. But mostly, you need to make your decisions based on fact and research. You have only started your research here. I happen to believe in the Co and use the products and have many customers that love this Co and will not use anything thing else. I have a Wonderful Sales Director who gave me great information and did not tell me I had to purchase any amount she told me my options of what I could buy and asked what I could do and what did I want to start with.

Just because you had a bad experience does not mean everone else is being ripped off. Just wanted to update on my earlier posts. Just found out today that my Director ex and Senior Sales Director just quit and will remain consultants. They wanted to finish out the year and as of July 1, are no longer directors. However, just like everyone else in MK that have been in over 5 yrs, they have woken up from the pink fog and decided not to continue on the hamster wheel. No matter what anyone else says! This has been very enlightening.

I too sold MK products back in the early s. I no longer had the time for MK so I dropped out. I felt bad for dropping out, but after reading all these comments I am so glad I did. Just keep those products on hand and you will do well. MK would change their compacts and a person would have to purchase all new ones for their new products to fit into. I guess what I am saying is… Thank goodness I got out when I did. If you do not like Mary Kay, then stop doing it and whining about what it did or did not do for you. I have been in Mary Kay fo 12 years and a director for 11 years.

A View from the Top Volumes 1-3

I own another business and work with my husband 50 hours a week while I have raised 2 awesome kids. I have put both of our children through their first 4 years of college with Mary Kay funds and have earned 6 free cars, the last 3 which have been pink cadillacs.

If it is not for you or you do not like to work that hard, that is fine. However do not ruin if for those of us who do. I do not force or pressure women to buy inventory, in fact if they do a small inventory order I am happy for them as they are excited to start with a small store.

I do not pressure women to start a MK business unless it is right for them. Not everyone works this business the same so please if you are not in Mary Kay then keep your opionion to yourself.!! Which I never bought into. Thank you Scrib for you quotes. Were the women who made them responsible for your checkbook? Were you relying on them to create a realistic business plan for you? When do you take responsibility for your choices? Every business with which you associate, be it Walmart, your bank, or your local MK lady, has one basic goal. They are in business to make a profit.

From you. That is the simple fact of business. Why would you think that someone else is responsible for what amount of inventory you decide to purchase? We are a country of people who compulsively jump without looking. Research and plan. Be responsible for your own decisions and finances.

How I Generated my first Sales with Avon - Simple way to get sales for Shy reps

No-one but your has your own best interest at heart. It goes far beyond taking responsibility for actions and choices, which the vast majority of women on Pink Truth actually do. You must also recognize the part the upline plays in the grand deception. Up until a couple of years ago, there was literally no place from which a consultant could get real information on MK. All they had were director propaganda sites that encouraged continuous ordering.

Now that Pink Truth is there for women, they have a chance to get the real story. I began selling Mary Kay and quit because I was too lazy. I did fine and made what I put into it then I decided that I did not want to put the time involved and my business failed. I have been in several business adventures and the ones that I put my time in I do well and the ones that I start to be lazy in fail.

The truth is I have family that sells Mary Kay and Avon. The Mary Kay People are financially better off than the ones who sell Avon. They had the nice cars and the jewely and the coats and the pink cars and the bees. They went to the Mary Kay seminars and they went to their Mary Kay meetings. What I learned was that even if you do not keep a lot of product or no product at your house you still can make money because you can call another consultant and borrow their product because you still make the sell.

When you put your whole heart in something then 9 out of 10 times you will do your best but, when you start to have doubts and fears then you will not be able to succeed. So it will not matter if you have been in the business for one day or for 20 years if you are not giving your all.

Tell you what. Today with no start- up kit I will start again to sell Mary Kay and I am sure I will do wonderful until I go back to school and have to pull some time away. I will let you guys know in a month how I did. Family second. Church third. Everything else last. If you do these things in this order you are sure to succeed. Its the worst time to join. Then how do you explain all the women who did just that but had significant financial losses in MK?

How to make $, a year

Thank you for your clarification, Tracy. And I do agree with you on a couple of points. Of course, an upline does make more money when orders are made under them. That is how the business was set up and has survived for nearly a half century. However, women who knowing misrepresent their own earnings and status have some ethical issues to which I take exception.

And I also agree with your point that there are precious few places a woman can turn to for sound business advice, not only for MK, but for any business a woman wishes to begin. I have not run into any dishonest MK directors in my 6 years with MK. She is much younger than I am, and this is her full time work. She did want me to start with a large inventory—larger than I was comfortable with.

I did want to have my own business, something that I would be proud to own. I consulted my accountant and my lawyer before I signed on the dotted. This is something I would recommend to any woman who plans to start a business of any type. These professionals helped me to understand the difference between hobby time, part time, and full time activity. I ordered the amount of inventory which reflected the time I would be working with it. And that is how I continue to operate my business, and my financial professionals still guide many of business decisions. And I also agree with Jackie.

Times have dramatically changed. When MK started, a woman generally had to have the signature of a husband or some other male who, in essence, gave her permission to create her own business. Consequently, someone generally had asked them the important questions about how they would run the business. The decision made 25 years ago was a more imformed decision. Now, women make their own choices, good or bad, without much effort or thought. This has been made even easier with the advent of the internet.

The internet is wonderful tool. However, a person cannot blindly accept everything they find on the internet. Many sites or even blog posts are based in emotion, and fact gets lost. Being a bit of reseacher, I googled you to make a judgement on how reliable I thought your site might be. You have had a bad experience with MK. Many of the woman who have posted here or on your site have had similiar experiences. But here is the deal.

There are many posts about how persuasive directors and NSDs can be. They are persuasive because they have appealed to the emotion of the potential consultant. They have made them feel good, and then they are more likely to make their decision. Your website also appeals to emotion; the difference is it is negative emotion, and again this makes woman more likely to make a decision. A woman has to be responsible for herself. Neither your persuasion, nor the persuasion of the MK directors or NSDs, is the correct way for a woman to be led into a decision.

No business decision should be based in emotion, but rather in fact. MK is not a bad business for a woman to have, as long as it is run properly; I think the longevity of MK proves that point. Proper management of a business has to start from the beginning. No business should be started without proper consideration and research. It should end with serious discussion with a financial professional, as well as with a discussion with the people who will be affected by its success or failure.

As I stated earlier…your reseach has only started here. I would love to find out all about that. Yes, my goal is to warn everyone about Mary Kay so that not even one more person would sign up with the company. I wish that women would refuse to give those greedy immoral people even one more cent. My apologies for my unclear expression. Speaking of which…the quarter hour chime of the grandfather clock I bought with my profits this last quarter is telling me it is time to retire. Look — My boss sells Mary Kay and I benefit from all of the great products it has to offer. The products are great, and all of the women who are into it that I know of are very happy with it.

They love it. They make money from it. But you know what? There is not much of a difference between a Mary Kay seminar and a seminar for any other successful business. The truth of the matter is that this is a business that gives many women stuck at home an opportunity to do something else. No, it just means that some people know how to manage their time and money better than others. Thats all it means. I design flyers, hostess invitations, and business cards and sell them at these places. So please — lay off and get a life.

Who knows, you might just make something of yourself. Well then score one for me, Becky. Please check out pink truth to learn more. They MK teach you to recruit, recruit, recruit. I live in a small town with at least 25 consultants, and their is no way that all of us can sell to a population of 25, to 45, people. So, you ask, what am I in MK for? I love the section 2 items, and I can actually sell those and make a profit…can you get excited about that?????

She drives a Mercedes Benz, and it is red. For crying out loud ladies, get a grip, and use your brains for something besides defending the spoiled brat she raised that wants nothing but your money. Richard cares nothing for you people. Since the death of MKA, I bet you dollars to donuts, that this company will go under in about 5 to 7 years, and then where will you be? Sorry Ladies, but this is the truth…. Back when I was in college early 80s , a friend invited a group of us to a Mary Kay party she was hosting. The consultant was her older sister, who at the time was a young newlywed student.

How to earn six figures a year

The party was OK, products nothing memorable. I bought a couple items just to be polite. When I graduated a month or two later, I moved back home literally a thousand miles away. The consultant from the Mary Kay party got my contact information from her sister my college friend , and began calling me incessantly trying to recruit me into Mary Kay. She continued to send me packets and frequently called for several months after that.

Really, really annoying! Keep in mind that this was before we had Caller ID! Thankfully it was before we had email. I could simply chalk this up to one very pushy, obnoxious consultant, but my sister-in-law had the nearly identical experience with another consultant.

Avon lady Gail Reynolds earns £170,000 for a 20-hour week

My SIL, bless her heart, is that last person who would make a successful cosmetics salesperson. Thankfully, she had the backbone to say no, but this consultant harassed her for literally a couple of years after that, even after my SIL moved hundreds of miles away. For a moment, think about all the professional people you know. My husband is a paint salesman. He will gladly help you out with paint advice if you ask, and help you buy the products if you want, but he would never, ever try to recruit anyone even his regular customers into selling paint with him. To those who are defending it: if Mary Kay floats your boat — well, good for you, I guess.

Just leave me out of it. My brushes with MK raised some red flags and left a bad taste in my mouth. Mary Kay is not for all women! You have to work your business to receive the goals you want! Quite possibly, but she does rather seem to be running away with the idea of herself as a role model for others.

In the past few years she has set herself up as a business guru and written a motivational book. What of inspirational people in business? She cites Alan Sugar as her big hero. But you do have to be a grafter. Oh, and be married to another grafter. Which, in hindsight, makes a lot of sense.

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