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Can we bring a full Android TV offering to market quickly? Android TV can be deployed across a wide subscriber base in a matter of months provided you have the support of an experienced partner that has an enhanced version of Android TV, compatibility with existing CAS and DRM systems and experience with back office integration.

Being able to do this quickly and efficiently can have a transformative effect on your service as Android provides an instant ecosystem of around TV and media apps — with more being developed on almost a weekly basis. How do we make sure we continue to deliver the best customer experience?

Consistent delivery of a great customer experience is critical for customer retention, particularly when new services are being deployed. A service assurance platform that offers remote device management capability, self-install and real-time customer analytics can play a crucial role in enabling operators to efficiently and proactively support and improve their quality of service. Recently we worked with a large European fiber operator on their subscription TV roll out including our AminoOS service assurance platform.

Will an Android TV deployment positively impact our business? Without a doubt — as our own experience with operators confirms.

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DNA management can now test and rapidly bring to market innovative new services via a fully integrated content and feature-rich Android TV offering. Enhanced customer data insight is also driving cross-selling and upselling, with improved pull-through rates on premium broadband and content packages.

DNA now is acquiring customers faster than planned, more effectively moving existing customers onto premium broadband packages, and increasing average revenue per user ARPU. Android TV is available integrated within smart TVs and retail third-party devices. Some operators, particularly virtualized operators, find it appealing to not purchase and distribute STBs.

Amino supports third-party Android TV devices, but operators should be aware of the related challenges.

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Unmanaged devices are exactly that, unmanageable. Unmanaged devices are also more difficult to support.

It might be necessary to train specialist customer service representatives to support specific devices from various vendors. Finally, some features, specifically related to content security, cannot be met by generic retail devices. Asking questions seems to drive creativity.

It cultivates an open mind. The questions we ask lead us to new knowledge. Questions drive us to answers we never thought to consider until we asked the question. Of course one cannot simply ask question after question, without giving any thought to answers. Such a method seems insincere in the question-asking. But rather questions lead naturally to a consideration of answers, which lead to more questions, which lead to more answers, which lead to more questions.

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The two move back and forth, like a lumberjack's saw at an old oak tree, sawing through the rings with each back and forth motion until you reach the core. Not all the questions may be worth exploring, but for every dozen, there's a golden one that causes us to wonder. The question moves us into an idea or answer we hadn't yet explored.

The golden question cuts through several rings at once. It takes a bit of meandering until we find the question, but once found, it holds us with wonder. Is it really the answer, often unattainable, that satisfies, or is it the question itself that is the appeal? No, lad, it no be the treasure that makes for seeing the world.

If you find yourself a fistful of gold, or some dead king's jewels, all well and good, but it be the strangeness you see that pulls you to the next horizon p. In the same way, questions are ships that sail us into unfamiliar territory.

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It's the strangeness of the question that compels us forward, not necessarily the answers we find. Not every question needs a meaningful answer. Part of the mystery of life is that answers are so slippery, so frequently absent. If answers were straightforward, life would hold little interest. When explored in the abstract, the idea of asking questions seems benign, but as soon as you go down this path, it leads you to a mentality of questioning, and that mentality can be uncomforting.

A Guided Meditation = Receive Answers from Your Higher-Self

Obedience to authority, submission to the "right way" of doing things, conformity to a specific morality -- all of this behavior can rattle and crumble when you start questioning everything around you. Questions can be like earthquakes, making people who thought they walked on stable ground suddenly look for shelter.

Despite discouraging environments, our very nature suggests we should question.

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Humans are, at the core, introspective and curious. It's what separates us from the animals. Our intellect is not merely a cleverness to build tools, but an intellect that comes from the questions we ask. If it defines our nature, why should we shy away from asking questions? When we start asking questions, we often come to realize how little we know. The most mundane, taken-for-granted topic can turn upside down with the right question. What we frequently forget is how little we know.

22 Most Common Interview Questions and Best Answers (With Tips)

It's only when we start asking questions that we recognize our lack of knowledge. The most basic, almost fact-like idea can seem perplexing with the right question. Interact with any child who starts asking you questions about simple things, and it becomes apparent we don't have answers. We don't have answers, yet we forget that we lack the answers.

It's not until the child asks the questions that we realize we don't have the knowledge; we have only learned to act and operate with assumptions and seemingly obvious but ultimately missing information. Our acceptance of a life without answers is a learned rather than innate behavior.