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This is a common misconception General guidance on matters that members of the Teachers' Pension Schemes should consider or If you work in a maintained school or an academy that incorporates the School Teachers' Pay and What's next? You may wish to share this with your school leadership team if you feel your school could benefit This brief guide sets out some advice to members who are suspended from work whilst an She and her spouse chose the latter.

Workload reduction toolkit

By having an honest conversation about what was important to them, they were able to work around their schedules and show up for their son in a way that worked best for the entire family. Carefully consider the value-add of each request you receive by asking yourself the following questions:.

With both partners working, staying on top of household and family responsibilities is a continuous struggle.

More often than not, you have to be strategic and disciplined about who does what, especially as your work and family roles grow. One couple I consulted were in constant conflict due to the stresses of juggling household duties. To ease the tension, I had them make a list of their responsibilities — everything from unloading the dishwasher to managing bills to getting their kids to and from extracurriculars.

by Adams, Margaret

There will inevitably be times when you and your partner have to negotiate expectations and make decisions about whose career takes the front seat. To do this, dual-career couples need to be in constant communication. A simple solution is to schedule regular look-ahead meetings to plan and set expectations. These meetings are times for open, honest communication, which will help you both stay actively involved in big decisions about career changes, projects, or goals.

One of my clients found that a weekly look-ahead meeting was critical for him and his spouse to stay coordinated.

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Every Sunday morning at breakfast, they pull out their laptops to do a quick scan of the week: who is doing what and who is going where. This helps them stay in sync and share important updates, and it has become a much-anticipated form of quality time.

In addition to keeping you and your partner on the same page, look-aheads are great times to ask each other for support. You left work late, because you had so much on, and now you're late to pick up the kids from school. And when you get home there's still so much to do: homework, washing, shopping, cooking, cleaning.

Work-Life Balance: Learn About Life and Work Balance Benefits

And the next day you have to get up and do it all over again. How did it get to this? And is it ever going to get any better? And while there are countless books out there spruiking the importance and benefits of work-life balance' there are surprisingly few that go into any detail about exactly how to go about doing this.